Accoppiatura Samuel - certificazioni Certifying excellence:
a commitment to future generations


Paying attention to the improvement of corporate management and customer satisfaction, being committed to environmental protection and the future of our planet, focusing on our employees’ quality of life and work: the future is a journey that must be built starting today by making very specific choices, and Samuel Accoppiatura Sartoriale takes tomorrow’s generations into account.
Concrete action and decisive choices have led the company to achieve important certifications as an acknowledgment of the daily commitment invested into work and, at the same time, as a further reason to act in full respect of both human beings and nature for the sake of everyone’s future.


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications

In January 2018, accrediting agency Accredia awarded the company with the certification ISO 9001:2015 – a significative first step that represents the fulfillment of all the requirements that a company has to meet in order to ensure the quality standard of its products, of the services provided to its client, and the level reached by customer satisfaction.
The accrediting agency sifted through all aspects of the company management system, and the complex process confirmed the company’s compliance with international organizational standards. Customer focus,
corporate leadership, involvement of people, internal and external relationship management, and the right approach to business and production processes with the ultimate aim of continuous improvement: these are the parameters that Samuel Accoppiatura Sartoriale has met in order to achieve this result.

Accoppiatura Samuel - certificazioni

An improvement process that only began in 2018 and then went on to achieve other important goals.

Indeed, in January 2022 another process was completed successfully: the path to certification ISO 14001:2015, conferred by Bureau Veritas – an institution accredited by Accredia. This certification acknowledged the company’s growing commitment to reduce its environmental footprint as much as possible, a corporate principle that has turned into action. As a matter of fact, the company implements production policies aimed at preventing and containing pollution and safeguards the environment in full compliance with always up-to-date national, international, and Community regulations. Furthermore, the company adopts an Environmental Management System that identifies impacts and risks and responds to them with incremental opportunities for improvement – a process that binds together corporate growth and attention to the environment.

Accoppiatura Samuel - certificazioni
Accoppiatura Samuel - certificazioni

To ensure health and safety at work, the company has obtained another important certification, ISO 45001:2018

The first international norm that defines the minimum standards of good practice for worldwide worker protection and establishes a framework to improve safety, reduce hazards at work, and improve the workers’ health and wellbeing, thus allowing any organization that wants to certify its management system under accreditation to increase its performances in the field of health and safety.


Global Recycle Standard – GRS certification

In 2022, Samuel Accoppiatura Sartoriale achieved another important certification, this time issued by ICEA – Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale: it is the GRS, the Global Recycle Standard that certifies activities and manufacturing processes aimed at the creation of products composed of at least 50% pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials. These recycled materials are then used to create intermediate products, which will need further processing, or finished products. Promoted by Textile Exchange, a non-profit organization that internationally promotes responsible and sustainable development in the textile industry, this certification offers the company further prestige by giving value to an increasingly sustainable production model that focuses on the creation of products that are the result of a “second life”, thereby radically reducing the consumption of virgin raw materials, water resources, and energy.

Accoppiatura Samuel - certificazioni

This is a major milestone that leads Samuel Accoppiatura Sartoriale to be a high-performing and competitive reality from two angles: the quality of its products and, on the other hand, high sustainability standards marked by reduction of chemical products, energy recovery, focus on water supply and waste disposal, reduction of emissions and polluting waste, and respect and protection of workers’ rights and quality of life and work.

Accoppiatura Samuel - certificazioni


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